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The following customers are utilizing the many benefits of the  Integrity Ultrasound System,  every day in their veterinary practices

The San Francisco Zoo has added the Integrity Veterinary Ultrasound System to their animal care technology.   It is not unique for a zoo to have an Ultrasound system but what the Veterinary staff, at the San Francisco Zoo, are doing with the Integrity Ultrasound System is unique.  The staff is conditioning their bears to stand up and lean against their enclosure so their caregivers can rub the Integrity Ultrasound probe over their abdomens and chests.  This conditioning is being done so the veterinary staff will be able to perform Ultrasound exams, safely, without having to anesthetize the bear for most Ultrasound exams.  In those circumstances where breeding is a goal, females can be followed pre & post ovulation and impregnation, with ultrasonic studies, without anesthesia. 
Although the veterinary staff at the San Francisco Zoo started their Ultrasound condition program with bears, Gail Hedberg, RVT, said “there are many other animals that we will begin the Ultrasound conditioning program.”
The Integrity Veterinary Ultrasound System at the San Francisco Zoo is configured with 18ft cables, which are three times longer the all other Ultrasound.  The computers that these Integrity probes plug into can be located a safe distance away from the animals being scanned.
San Francisco Zoo Hospital, (415) 753-7078

Lake Howell Animal Clinic
856 Lake Howell Road
Maitland, Florida  32751
(407) 628 8000
“I have found the Integrity Veterinary Ultrasound System to be very useful in my practice.  My experience  with the Integrity 12.5MHz probe has been with exotics, such as tortoises, snakes, iguana, ferrets, and birds. I recently examined over 15 tortoises for pre & post-ovulatory folliculogenesis , as well as checking for those which may be “egg bound”.

I also had the opportunity to utilize the Integrity 12.5MHz probe to examine a ferret, which had pleural effusion, which was caused by a cranial mediastinal mass.” Orlando Diaz-Figueroa, DVM, M.S. Diplomat of the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners, Avian Specialty
Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians
Association of Reptilian & Amphibian Veterinarians
Wildlife Disease Association
American Association of Zoo Veterinarians
American Veterinary Medical Association   

Lori Dabaco, DVM
Eden Pet Hospital
1920 Knox Street
Castro Valley, CA 94546
(510) 538 6350
“Our practice invested in the Integrity Veterinary Ultrasound System as an affordable second Ultrasound unit for our busy practice. We found the Integrity image quality to be very competitive with our primary system. The Integrity Ultrasound System provided imaging that indicated a cat had a gall stone which was obstructing the common bile duct.  Based on these Ultrasound images we immediately took the cat to surgery to remove the stone.  Without the definitive Ultrasound images, we would not have taken the cat to surgery, which clearly saved the life of this patient.”

Amanda Hoffpauir, DVM
Alvin Animal Clinic
Alvin , Texas
Phone: (281)585-5183
"We have found the Integrity Veterinary Ultrasound System to be useful and easy to use in our practice.  We have four vets with varying Ultrasound experience, from little to extensive.  We have used the Integrity Vet Ultrasound System to image a number of pregnancies and we aspirated free peritoneal fluid from one patient, all within the first four weeks of our use.“

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