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InNovaSound and IVU Integrity Veterinary Ultrasound are the first complete Ultrasound imaging system built right into a small USB-compatible probe for B-mode imaging weighing in at 7.5 ounces. This breakthrough allows capturing images in the probe and then sending the images to the PC for processing. The image quality increases by eliminating the analog signal noise caused by traveling through a cable to be processed in the system. There are no additional devices required to connect the InNovaSound and IVU Integrity Veterinary Ultrasound to an existing computer. Just load the software, plug the USB cable into the USB (2.0) port and start scanning. This Ultrasound can go anywhere and for a price anyone can afford.

InNova Sound System
The smallest and lightest ultrasound system in the world
Truly portable Ultrasound. You can use the USB Ultrasound Probe anywhere you have a PC or laptop running Windows XP.  By utilizing USB technology the cables can be up to 16 feet, which is ten feet longer than conventional Ultrasound systems.


Cost Efective:
The InNovaSound and Integrity Veterinary Ultrasound IVU USB Ultrasound Probes are so affordable. They can be utilized in many applications where Ultrasound is beneficial but until now, too costly.  The USB Ultrasound Probes can be integrated with existing medical devices where Ultrasound will enhance the use of the primary purpose of the medical device.

With this system you can perform most of the ultrasonic procedures done in today’s General Human Medicine and Veterinary Practice. USB Ultrasound probe is truly a portable Ultrasound. Were there is a laptop you have an Ultrasound system.

The convenience of an Ultrasound built into the transducer using a PC as a controller means unparalleled convenience whether the need is in the, Exam Room, Treatment room, House calls, Ranch calls or aquarium.  If you can take a laptop computer with you, you can take a fully functioning Ultrasound machine with you.

Easy to use:
Fewer controls than typical Ultrasound units.  Stored Image Controls called Presets insure the quick start for even the most inexperienced Ultrasound user.

Raw digital data saved:
In that saved files (still images and cine loops) are the original raw data sets, all follow up reviews can better re-optimized by adjusting all image controls.
The radiologist providing a diagnostic read has the benefit of optimizing the images to their visual preference.  This functionality is not available on the most sophisticated Ultrasound systems available today.

Automatic Database:
Each time the scan is stopped that image is automatically stored in that patients folder, which was automatically create simply based on entering the patient name before beginning the scan.  This patient folder contains that patient’s Integrity Ultrasound imaging history
Quick and easy review of your patients previous scan history.

A variety of probes are available to perform all types of exams: abdominal, thoracic, reproductive, tendon & ligaments, and ophthalmic.
For Veterinary Medicine, the available probes enable you to complete Ultrasound exams on animals from the smallest birds and reptiles to the largest animals such as a silver back gorilla or a killer whale as well as all of the dogs and cats, in between.
The low cost of probes for this system would allow the Ultrasound operator to have a wider probe selection than with a conventional system.

Durable water-proof and impervious to dust and dirt. USB Ultrasound Probes are provided with 6 ft. cables. If the probe needs service it is replaced via next day delivery with a replacement probe.

What’s needed to run a USB Ultrasound Probe

-Operating System – Windows XP, Vista or Mac
-minimum processor – 800Mhz
-minimum RAM – 512 MB RAM
- one (1) USB 2.0 port
- minimum Display*  – 1280x800 resolution with 32bit color

* Laptop displays must include XBRITE
technology and
   NVidia® GeForce™ Graphics System

What’s next?

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