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We provide high quality, affordable medical devices to private practitioners, clinics and imaging centers.  We will provide high quality medical devices that address and meet the daily clinical needs.  Applied Solution Group products will be affordable, taking into account the Total Cost of Ownership. Reliability and Serviceability are always key components of our products design and performance.
It is our commitment to provide customers the highest quality products and service.

All InNovaSound and Integrity Veterinary Ultrasound systems are covered with 1 year extended warranty (outside USA).
If Ultrasound USB probe needs service, next business day delivery of replacement probes (when necessary) insures continuous availability of Ultrasound in your practice.
Customer has an option to buy additional warranty that covers hardware and software after expiration of 1 year extended warranty.

TPS - Total Program Support
Customer has an option to take advantages of TPS – Total Program Support.
With TPS, initial investment in Integrity Veterinary Ultrasound System will always be protected.
With TPS customer gets software support with upgrades for life time of product.
Each customer will receive a DVD demonstrating the set-up and operation of the  Integrity Veterinary Ultrasound System.  The appropriate utilization of each of the Ultrasound probes will be reviewed.

Non-Obsolescence Guarantee with TPS - Total Program Support
Your initial investment in an InNovaSound or Integrity Veterinary Ultrasound System will always be protected. InNovaSound and Integrity Veterinary Ultrasound customers will have the option to “trade up” their Ultrasound USB system for the new Ultrasound USB functionalities. ASG will credit 80% of your original InNovaSound or Integrity investment to be applied to your investment in a new InNovaSound or Integrity Ultrasound product.

Your original investment in an InNovaSound or Integrity System has a guaranteed value, without regard to the age of your Systems. Other Ultrasound systems will depreciate from the day it is delivered.

Integrity Ultrasound Training Program for Veterinary
Applied Solution Group offers support to veterinaries and radiologists through our Integrity Ultrasound Training Program for Veterinary.
This curriculum has been created by Sam Silverman, D.V.M., Ph.D., Diplomate American College Of Veterinary Radiology.  Dr Silverman has been a dedicated Veterinary Radiologist for 30 yrs.  He is a Clinical Professor in the Department of Surgical and Radiological Sciences, in the School of Veterinary Medicine, at the University of California, Davis


  1. Integrity Ultrasound operations.
  2. Concepts of obtaining a proper image – TGC and power setting.
  3. Scanning techniques.
  4. Imaging windows - Abdominal organs and the heart.
  5. Normal ultrasonographic anatomy.
  6. Pathologic changes – identifying disease in an ultrasonic exam.

             This is not intended to be a complete lecture on
             Ultrasound diagnosis, but rather a guideline for
             recognition of abnormal organ appearance.

      7. Interventive ultrasonography – The principles of Ultrasound guided
              aspirates and biopsies.

Wet Lab
Hands-on Ultrasound imaging techniques with a variety of dogs & cats will be demonstrated and self assessment testing of normal and abnormal Ultrasound images will also be presented.

Clinical Support
The assistance will be offered to improve scanning techniques of the users. The user will receive an email describing technical suggestions regarding obtaining improved images. This response will be provided within two business days. This clinical support will be provided for six months for participants of this program.

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